SocialPing is The New Social Network

Get the most out of your social life and never go it alone!



Be more Social. Have more Fun. Enjoy your favorite activities!


Find cool and interesting people to connect with. See how many activities you have in common. (show a profile)


When you travel to a new city, make sure to change your zip code! You can also choose how specific your Discover is by: age, gender, sexual orientation and distance.


Ping a friend or friends to enjoy any social activity. Once accepted, Message to set a time and place to meetup! (show ping accepted --- and Message with a time and place to meetup.

Eg. Meet at Hiking trail X @9:30A)


When you meetup, Dap your friend or friends and earn social badges. The more social you are, the more badges you earn! (show Dap generation and badge animation). Check out the leader board on the SocialPing website (provide link).


Post about your social experiences. Post about anything that you think is cool, like: upcoming events, cool news stories, cute pics and more!


Join a clan and earn badges by doing activities together

Some Screenshots

A Sneak Peek of SocialPing.

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